ZEN Press Release

Herndon, Va., August 10, 2008 - Today, William Data Systems launches the ZEN suite of network management solutions at SHARE in San Jose, Calif. The company, which has long pioneered z/OS network solutions, is introducing ZEN, a suite of specialized management tools for z/OS networks developed to meet the high demands required to maintain business continuity and service levels.

ZEN offers a breadth of targeted components supporting the needs of mainframe users. They can be implemented individually or together to create specific network management solutions that support z/OS network management needs efficiently, easily and with minimal investment.

"We are extremely pleased to introduce ZEN at SHARE. Our software engineering expertise coupled with years of acknowledging the needs of our clients and of the industry, has allowed us to devise this unique set of offerings and offer the technical and licensing flexibility required by companies today," said John Christensen, CEO, William Data Systems, LLC. "We are also taking advantage of this event to present several upcoming ZEN solutions that will shortly be available for beta testing and released over the course of the next few months."

ZEN consists of solutions that boost network performance and security: a central interface which enables users to seamlessly integrate and easily operate tools, and a selection of specialized components that provide network performance management, monitoring, alerting, tracing, reporting and security. It includes:

  • ZEN optimizes mainframe network management. It enables users to integrate and operate tools seamlessly through one innovative interface, customized to meet individual business needs.
  • ZEN IPMONITOR - IMPLEX identifies network issues instantly to minimize down time. This component helps focus recovery efforts easily with intelligent reporting and genuine real-time monitoring.
  • ZEN EEMONITOR - FERRET helps extend networks and optimize resources. It allows a smooth implementation of Enterprise Extender (EE) and improves APPN/HPR network operations and performance.
  • ZEN Trace & Solve - EXIGENCE minimizes network outage and gets you back to business faster. This component facilitates rapid diagnosis of network and application issues - small and large - as they arise.
  • ZEN FTPCONTROL - FTPALERT keeps corporate and client data secure. It provides monitoring and auditing of all FTP file transfers in real time and helps ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory requirements.
  • ZEN EE SECURITY - APIAS provides clients with the utmost security. It fills security gaps existing on the Enterprise Extender networks linking one business partners' legacy applications to another.

To obtain more information on ZEN and its components, visit www.willdata.com.

About William Data Systems
William Data Systems (WDS) is a pioneer of specialized z/OS network management solutions. Established in 1993, we are an independent global organization that provides innovative solutions to run mainframe networks efficiently and securely. ZEN, the WDS network management suite, offers a selection of user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to meet your unique needs. To overcome both business and technology challenges, WDS provides customers with licensing and pricing terms that are as flexible as our solutions.

WDS supports customers worldwide in sectors such as finance, banking and manufacturing, and our client list includes Fortune 100 companies and government agencies. WDS is an IBM Business Partner and a member of the IBM PartnerWorld for Developers program. We are committed to the global z/OS networking market and to leading the way with innovative solutions through the latest advances. For more information, visit www.willdata.com.