The best Entreprise Extender Monitor

Many organizations are in the process of, or already have, completely replaced their SNA networking infrastructure with reliable, high-speed IP alternatives. Paradoxically, SNA applications still exist in great numbers leaving Enterprise network professionals with the challenge of preserving the significant investment in SNA while meeting the demand for cost savings offered by consolidation on to a single network protocol: IP.

To avoid the huge effort and expense to customers of re-writing or replacing SNA applications with their IP equivalents, IBM developed their Enterprise Extender (EE) technology. EE utilizes IP & APPN/HPR technologies to fulfil the twin goals of preserving SNA application investment while taking advantage of the technology advances offered by low-cost IP networking.

Enterprise Extender is an industry standard solution (RFC 2353) that encapsulates SNA data inside UDP datagram's. By encapsulating the SNA data in this fashion, Enterprise Extender facilitates the transport of ‘legacy’ SNA data over a TCP/IP network.

Enterprise Extender Protocol Checking

WDS were early advocates of EE and recognised its importance as a means of preserving investment in SNA while allowing the exploitation of the latest advances in IP networking technologies. We have developed unique products and features that address the shortcomings of EE, giving network technicians the tools and information to provide optimal levels of IT responsiveness, enabling your business to exceed customer expectations.

EE Monitoring EE Security EE Tracing
The first and only dedicated monitor for APPN/HPR and Enterprise Extender, ZEN EE MONITOR (ZEM) has a wide range of displays and functions that put you in control of your EE & APPN/HPR network. The first product of its kind, ZEN EE SECURITY (ZES) guarantees data integrity and provides encryption and authentication for your EE connections. Also negates the requirement for EE to use UDP. With special support for EE, ZEN TRACE & SOLVE (ZTS) allows technicians to rapidly diagnose EE-related problems by greatly simplifying the process of taking and viewing EE-related traces.