Configuration Monitoring

  • Automatic detection of APPN/HPR and EE environments
  • Detection of VTAM settings and definitions
  • Identification of configuration changes since the last restart
  • Summary and detail displays of APPN/HPR and EE environments
  • Advanced search tools to find and display resources

EE Activity Monitoring

  • Automatic detection of APPN/HPR and EE connections
  • Continuous monitoring of path/link availability
  • Detection of path switches and analysis of causes
  • Automatic detection of RTP setup and take down
  • Detection and reporting of RTP/Session errors
  • Summary and detail displays of RTPs and sessions

EE Performance Monitoring

  • Automatic recording of response/throughput times
  • Automatic detection and alerting on message queues
  • Alerts for potential performance problems which affect throughput
  • Analysis of APPN/HPR RTP routes
  • Highlighting slowdown events as they occur
  • Long-term historical data collection for analyzing trends and performing capacity planning

Diagnostic Tools

  • Perform detailed monitoring of specific APPN/HPR and/or EE resources
  • Test an IP path using IP
  • Test an SNA path using APPN
  • Test performance to specific APPN/HPR and/or EE nodes
  • Search the network for resources
  • Associate an RTP with a session
  • Display VTAM Buffer & CSA pools

Alerting capabilities

  • Routing options include:
    • Console messages
    • NMVTs (NetView)
    • SNMP (HP OpenView, etc)
    • Email
    • All alerts are archived and can be analyzed offline
  • Primary Programmable Operator (PPO)
    • Write PPO messages to the FERRET alert log
    • Generate alerts from PPO messages based on severity
    • Suppress PPO messages


  • ZEN EE MONITOR parameters are specified in a profile
  • ZEN EE MONITOR profiles can be administered from the GUI
  • Profiles can be shared across ZEN EE MONITOR systems

ZEN EE MONITOR commands to display APPN/HPR and EE data can be issued from NetView or via ZEN Automation. More importantly, they can be used to extend and automate APPN/HPR and EE monitoring via REXX commands.


ZEN EE MONITOR customers who use other WDS Network Management solutions can take advantage of ZEN's browser interface and its powerful integration capabilities. For example, ZEN TRACE & SOLVE - EXIGENCE traces can be started, stopped and viewed all from within the ZEN interface.