Despite the proliferation of IP Networking, mainframe SNA applications remain widely used. IBM developed their Enterprise Extender (EE) technology to fulfill the twin goals of preserving SNA application investment while taking advantage of the technology advances offered by low-cost IP networking. However, EE has some security limitations.

ZEN EE SECURITY addresses these limitations and enables businesses to preserve their investment in SNA applications and IP networking devices, safe in the knowledge that security is not compromised.


  • Low-cost software alternative to expensive hardware solutions
  • Preserves your investment in SNA applications
  • Enables EE deployment securely across any network
  • Reduces costs by removing the dependency on leased line hardware and associated 3745 hardware and software overheads
  • Reduces cost of future growth by removing reliance on aged/obsolete proprietary hardware
  • Maintains your company's preferred networking topography
  • Uses Digital Certificates to identity session partners
  • Guarantees data integrity
  • Realizes rapid return on investment
  • Takes advantage of IP networking advances
  • Implements solution with no disruption to core business applications
  • Includes exceptional customer support
  • Developed by William Data Systems, Enterprise Extender experts