All ZEN systems include a user-friendly and powerful browser-based interface for ZEN product components as well as the following set of core network management functions:

  • Single sign-on for all ZEN components
  • Simultaneous displays from multiple ZEN components
  • z/OS system console includes support for SyslogD messages with command entry and powerful filtering and display features
  • Centralized exception handling and sophisticated alerting for all ZEN components
  • Centralized Reporting for all ZEN components
  • A set of general network management tools (including Ping, Trace Route and
    NS Lookup)
  • USS, CSM & ECSA usage and activity displays
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive product help
  • Built-in knowledge base with glossary of network terms
  • Customizable HTML help for site-specific tutorials, routines and help procedures

ZEN's two-tier architecture

Two-tier architecture

ZEN's browser-interface is based upon an innovative two-tier architecture, which has no dependencies on third-party hardware, software, additional web servers, browser plug-ins or anything else.

ZEN 'serves' its web pages directly, negating the need for a separate web server. This approach allows ZEN to avoid the pitfalls of the traditional 'three-tier' approach, which add complexity, cost, overhead and introduces an additional point of failure.

Proving that less really is more, this innovative two-tier approach has a number of benefits over three tier systems as it:

  • Reduces costs without the need for additional hardware or software
  • Simplifies implementation since client software is not required
  • Deploys rapidly from any web browser
  • Necessitates little or no processor overhead because all graphical formatting is performed inside the browser
  • Provides a single interface for all your network management needs
  • Is System Modification Program/Extended (SMP/E) maintainable, enabling rapid application of new features and services