Simple to Install

Simple Installation

Ever since the release of our first product in 1995, we have tried to differentiate ourselves by making product installation as painless and swift a process as possible.

A single, simple wizard allows you to install all WDS products with the minimum of fuss, while giving you the ability to customize the installation to match your site standards. The installation JCL is generated with your edits for your environment. There is no need to communicate your requirements to a consultant paid by the minute; you make the changes yourself, the product installs itself. It’s that easy.

Once installed, the products auto-discover your network and immediately start providing valuable information.

This whole approach is designed to ensure that the time between obtaining the software and getting real results is kept to a minimum, ensuring the most rapid return on investment of your time and money.

Easy to use

ZEN tools included as standard

Much time is rightly spent negotiating software license fees (marry in haste, repent at leisure!) but watertight license agreements are of little benefit if the software turns out to be user-unfriendly.

ZEN has been designed to allow the user to obtain results quickly and simply. There is no steep learning curve and you don’t have to be a seasoned mainframe-er to get the best out of the software. Both 3270 and browser interfaces are available for many components.

From the active ZEN graphical displays that react to mouse movements, providing additional information about each element of the display, to the dynamically built menu bar that can be refreshed to show new ZEN components, ZEN has been designed to make the whole experience completely intuitive for the user.

Comprehensive product help, a built-in knowledge base and a set of network tools combine to ensure the ZEN user-interface adds significant value to your network management toolset... and this is all included free for any WDS licensed customer.

Another major advantages of ZEN is the complete flexibility it allows: flexibility to choose which network management components you need.

Each component represents best-in-class design and functionality. When combined they provide a total network management solution for your z/OS systems.