Secure, audited use of ftp to minimize risk and maximize compliance
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ZEN FTP CONTROL Case Study: NFU Mutual

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With B2B communications a mainstream requirement and the constant need for increased business productivity, businesses must be able to share information quickly and easily. The standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for Transmission Control Protocol/IP (TCP/IP) is a popular choice for file transfer services since it is freely available on all platforms and is simple to use. Unfortunately, on the z/OS platform, FTP has some inherent weaknesses that impact general usability, management and security.

FTP implementation can leave business data exposed. Personnel files, patient information, payroll details and confidential corporate records can be transferred from your company, without your knowledge, and sent anywhere, shared with anyone. Files can be redistributed or modified and reinstated – and you will have no record of it ever happening. This forces many enterprises to withhold FTP services from the user community.

To overcome these limitations, William Data Systems developed ZEN FTP CONTROL – FTPALERT (ZFC), a solution designed specifically for z/OS that allows you to gain back operational control of file transfers, enhance your ability to audit and report all FTP usage, and provide your clients with an invaluable and secure service.