• Enables pre- and post-processing rules defined for FTP sessions to the z/OS FTP server
  • Allows job-scheduling systems to initiate dependent jobs
  • Confirms preparatory actions have been successfully completed
  • Sends a message alerting users of failed transfers -- automatically
  • Includes message details: file name, file size, sender, source IP address

Supports z/OS 'Confidence of Success' indicator

FTP Security

  • Defines all FTP activities directly to the z/OS security system (RACF, TopSecret or ACF2)
  • Provides granular FTP command and dataset access by user
  • Prevents unauthorized file tampering

FTP Audit Compliance

  • Monitors all inbound (Server) and outbound (Client) session activity
  • Filters historical data by date, time, user, command or dataset
  • Displays for each transfer:
    • Elapsed and CPU transfer times
    • Input/Output (I/O) count
    • Number of bytes transferred
    • Data Transfer Rate
    • Return Code
  • Displays FTP commands issued by user
  • Monitors FTP activity by dataset
  • Provides "busiest users" display which provides the top 40 FTP server and client system users

Free ftp checker

Management of FTP is so poor that it could be used without your knowledge. And, if you think you have prevented FTP usage by disabling your FTP server, beware. FTP clients executed via Time Sharing Option (TSO) or batch can trigger FTP activity. The exposures from FTP client activity are every bit as dangerous as those associated with the FTP Server. If in doubt, run the free William Data Systems FTP Activity Checker.

Simply download the utility. It will check for all FTP activity via your z/OS system. You have nothing to lose – except for your data.

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