ZEN IP MONITOR is a sophisticated and effective solution that helps companies minimize the cost of system outages and maximize the return on z/OS network investment. It is a trusted solution that has become the monitor of choice for many of the leading names in banking, manufacturing and government.

Some of the benefits of ZEN IP MONITOR are:

  • Maximizes the return on network investment
  • Minimizes the cost of system outages
  • Accelerates network problem identification and resolution
  • Helps anticipate potential problems
  • Enables swift implementation of corrective actions
  • Is a true real-time IP monitor, providing an instant, comprehensive view of all IP traffic
  • Is easy to use and provides outstanding data presentation
  • Reduces maintenance overhead by recognizing changes to the IP network dynamically
  • Is self configuring/self learning
  • Reduces the commercial impact of losing key support personnel
  • Enhances the responsiveness of network personnel
  • Minimizes the use of resources: ZEN IP MONITOR solution has a small foot-print
  • Is cost effective - no additional hardware or software investment is required
  • Includes exceptional customer support
  • Developed by William Data Systems, experts in IBM z/OS network management solutions