ZEN IP MONITOR provides an immediate, comprehensive and user-friendly picture of network activity – helping your recovery efforts with intelligent reporting and absolute real-time monitoring on all IP traffic.

  • Monitors and reports on a range of conditions and network events such as:
    • FTP activity
    • TN3270 response times
    • Network Transit Times
    • OSPF throughput rates
    • X.25 activity
    • Open Edition activity
    • Enterprise Extender (EE) activity
    • Host presence
    • Unreachable or inactive ports
    • Router redirection or offline
    • Connection rejections
    • Inactive interfaces
    • Traffic thresholds
    • Connection thresholds
    • Packet fragmentation
    • Packet retransmissions
    • Window sizes
  • Issues alerts based on:
    • Network performance
    • Resource availability
    • High and low connection rates
    • High and low traffic rates
    • Sysplex shared resources falling below defined thresholds
    • Central Processing Unit (CPU) usage
    • Packet fragmentation
  • Provides Sysplex, LPAR and stack views of key network resources
  • Accessed via browser GUI, IBM 3270  and/or NetView interfaces:
    • Availability
    • Performance
    • Capacity
    • Security
    • Problem status

True Real-Time Monitoring

Being able to monitor your networks in real-time is key to network management. It enables you to identify problems immediately, anticipate potential problems ahead of time and accelerate the implementation of corrective action – sometimes even before users are aware that a problem exists.

Through our pioneering use of the WDS direct-stack interface that sees every IP packet as it traverses the IP stack, ZEN IP MONITOR has led the way, providing the most complete picture of your IP network and proving far more powerful than traditional sampling techniques and their associated overhead.

Providing effective IP network monitoring requires an approach that does not rely on one single methodology for sourcing information. The innovative design and our evolutionary development processes guarantee that the ZEN IP MONITOR always sources information using the most efficient methods available, whether it‘s IBM’s Network Management Application Programming Interface (API), WDS’s direct stack interface or control block access. This approach ensures that ZEN IP MONITOR remains the most effective z/OS IP Monitor available today.