The ZEN LINUX MONITOR provides a comprehensive set of display panels that provide a view of performance data from the high-level Unix Systems Summary, Linux Systems List and Network Summary through to more detailed panels such as the Linux System Detail and Linux Process List right down to the full details for an individual process.

There are several panels designed to provide a deeper insight into the networking side of your Linux systems, for example:

  • Active TCP Servers and UDP Servers
  • Interfaces
  • Gateways
  • Routes
  • Active connections on selected TCP server ports

In addition to the many statistical panels, graphical panels are also provided for both System History and Network History data.

Threshold monitoring can be set for the following performance metrics:

  • percentage of CPU consumed by users
  • percentage of system CPU used
  • percentage of system memory used
  • percentage of swap space used
  • maximum TCP connections that can be made
  • maximum TCP retransmissions that can occur
  • maximum number of active processes