ZEN for Mobile Devices

The evolution of a user-interface

ZEN on the iPad

In 1995 version 1 of our first product, EXIGENCE, was released. EXIGENCE was a revelation that turned the complex world of tracing mainframe networks from a last-resort tool for experts to a first-level diagnostic tool for all. In doing so this innovative product allowed customers to improve business continuity by accelerating problem identification and reducing the impact of outages.

In common with all mainframe products of that era, the user-interface (UI) was 3270-based, accessed either via a physical 3270 terminal or a PC using 3270 emulation. How times have changed.

The desire to keep pace with technology and innovate is pervasive through everything we do: The first real-time z/OS IP Monitor, the first dedicated EE Monitor, the first dedicated OSA Monitor…the list goes on.

The Boston SHARE technology conference (August 2010) gave us an opportunity to demonstrate another first for our market-space when we debuted ZEN, our cost saving z/OS network management suite, being used on Apple's ubiquitous iPad. With Apple selling over 7 million iPads in the last quarter of 2010 and reporting it in use at 80 of the fortune 100, it is clear the device has great appeal for business users. However, not everyone has an iPad.

ZEN for mobile phones

At the Anaheim SHARE event (March 2011) we continued to champion the mobile computing theme with core functions of ZEN demonstrated on the iPhone, as well as Blackberry and Android devices too. Recent development enhancements mean ZEN’s mobile facilities can be made available for all popular smartphone and tablet platforms.

Business agility is a key element of staying ahead of your competitors. As organizations change shape, lose elements, add others, there will be a knock-on effect on your network. The constant changes such agility demands means a need for regular planning meetings, but being away from your desk doesn't mean you have to be out of touch.

ZEN MOBILE means that you can stay in touch and in control of your z/OS network wherever you are/whenever you like, but still monitoring the network, receiving alerts and staying on top of the situation. But we save the best news until last...

In keeping with our customers’ needs to do more with less, ZEN MOBILE facilities are included free for all licensed customers.