The constant pressure on the IT department to do more with less (provide a better service without increasing costs) ensures that there is little time for network staff to regularly wade through all the possible performance figures and statistics looking for problems with your OSA devices. What is needed is an automatic exception monitoring system.

To ensure the integrity and performance of your OSAs are not compromised ZEN OSA MONITOR provides early warnings and exception monitoring in a clear, concise fashion, automatically notifying you of potential problems.

Some of the benefits of ZEN OSA MONITOR are:

  • Maximizes the return on network investment
  • Minimizes the cost of system outages
  • Load & Go - quick start-up, with minimal configuration
  • Minimizes cost - no other special hardware or software is required to run ZEN OSA MONITOR
  • Is easy to use and provides oustanding data presentation
  • Provides a reporting and historical trend analysis to correct poor performance and plan future expansion
  • Simplifies monitoring with its powerful and user-friendly browser-based interface that can integrate with other ZEN components
  • Automates and integrates with other industry tools
  • Minimal CPU cycles: ZEN OSA MONITOR has a small foot-print
  • Exceptional customer support