• Automatic detection of accessible OSAs
  • Automatic Monitoring and History Collection
  • Fully configurable alert monitoring
  • Online Parameter and Configuration settings

Summary Information

  • Channels Summary
  • OSA-Express LPARs Summary
  • OSA-Express2 LPARs Summary
  • OSA-Express3 Port Summary
  • 10Gb Ethernet Port Summary
  • Ethernet Port Summary
  • Token Ring Ports Summary
  • PE Table (IBM Use) Summary
  • ATM Port Summary

Full MIB Details

Full descriptions of every value displayed, including:

  • Channel Detail
  • OSA-Express LPAR Detail
  • OSA-Express2 LPAR Detail
  • OSA-Express3 Port Detail
  • 10Gb Ethernet Port Detail
  • Ethernet Port Detail
  • Token Ring Port Detail
  • PE Table (IBM Use) Detail
  • ATM Port Detail
  • Hexadecimal and Formatted MIB displays available

Health-check Exception Monitoring

  • Highlights exceptions
  • Provides early notification of impending problems:
    • Error count changes
    • Threshold exceeded
    • State changes
    • Congestion
    • Excessive Queue Length

Alerting capabilities

  • Integrated ZEN-managed alerts
  • Routing options include:
    • Console messages
    • NMVTs (NetView)
    • SNMP (HP OpenView, etc)
    • E-mail
  • Alert options include:
    • Any OSA Field
    • State Changes
    • Errors
    • Congestion
    • Excessive Queue Length
    • All alerts are archived and can be analyzed offline

Miscellaneous Features

  • Comprehensive product Help with detailed descriptions for all fields
  • Enhanced SMF records and batch reporting
  • Advanced historical data capture and retention via DIV technology