A Definition of EXIGENCE

EXIGENCE is a z/OS network problem solving tool and is one of the William Data Systems family of Network Management products, also known as ZEN. It provides an easy, fast, accurate and secure method of pinpointing and resolving problems in both SNA and TCP/IP network traffic.

EXIGENCE is also an 'Expert System. Using its in-built knowledge base, it can provide descriptions of VTAM and 3270 terminology, messages, or sense codes, and many TCP/IP terms. It is also its knowledge base that enables it to break down the structures of most common traffic types into their constituent parts, providing text descriptions that are easily understood.


When a problem occurs in a network, a trace provides the best source of information for pinpointing and resolving the problem. For SNA networks a VTAM trace is used while for TCP/IP a packet trace is generally used. Such traces can contain huge volumes of data which, while potentially required, can obscure the problem you are trying to find. Certainly, traces can be difficult to interpret, requiring knowledge of IPCS to browse and analyze GTF or CTRACE datasets.

Further, you need to be familiar with many IBM manuals, understand trace record layouts, be familiar with the format and meanings of VTAM sense bytes, 3270 order codes, TCP/IP control codes and so on just to begin to interpret a trace. Consequently, the job of finding a problem using a trace is usually a long, labour-intensive and tedious task.

EXIGENCE is designed to take all of the difficulty out of the trace capture and analysis process, making it easy and rapid. EXIGENCE can usually guide you to the problem area and suggest a solution within minutes. What EXIGENCE Provides


Intelligent network analysis with faster problem resolution
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For businesses relying on mainframe application and networks, keeping operations running is critical. It means the difference between making money and losing money, the difference between gaining customer confidence and losing customers altogether. So when systems go down, time is of the essence.

A trace provides the best source of information for isolating and resolving problems caused by z/OS network and application service interruptions. Unfortunately, Network Management Teams typically run traces only as a last resort. That is because most tracing and diagnosing tools are cumbersome and time consuming; they also impose significant system overhead and are difficult to interpret, therefore requiring a staff with in-depth knowledge in this field. As networking environments become more complex, so do these issues since problem resolution may potentially involve the capture and examination of multiple traces.

In short, to minimize the disruption of business operations, expedient problem diagnosis is vital. With William Data Systems’ ZEN TRACE & SOLVE – EXIGENCE (ZTS), companies can rapidly resolve problems, with ease, and ensure the highest levels of service to their customers.